The BREW Partners 

The Water Council has many partners to thank for The BREW program. Each partner brings tremendous expertise, value and engagement to the program.

Global water center


The Global Water Center is a 98,000 square foot Class-A office and research building. The seven story, LEED Silver certified building offers The BREW participants the perfect setting to catalyze creativity and drive innovation.

Framed by three major rivers and Lake Michigan, the Global Water Center is surrounded by freshwater resources like nowhere else in the world. It is a synergistic facility that will assist start-up water technology businesses succeed.  It is set up as a physical confluence of people.

Supporting Ideas to Commercialization


Business. Research. Entrepreneurship. In Wisconsin.


If you are passionate about solving the world's most pressing challenges in freshwater and desire to advance your technology and company by being connected to leaders in the industry, we encourage you to apply to The BREW. 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA is considered one of the world's most significant hubs for water research and industry. There is definitely something big brewing in Milwaukee, and it's not just beer.

Unleashing Water Innovation!